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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Knobby Time Race# 6 Prep at Bonelli Park

From 2011 Bonelli Park

In preparation for Knobby Time XC Race 6, Manny, Antonio, Eric, Kyle, Brian and I headed to Bonelli Park. Wow, the day was heating up fast.

From 2011 Bonelli Park

Here is Manny powering up some single track. Manny killed it on Saturday. He was riding strong and sprinted up many of the hills.

From 2011 Bonelli Park

This was my first time meeting Brian (and Kyle). Brian and Manny had the same bike, a Schwinn Moab from the late nineties. Brian, I hope you can make it out to the Knobby Time series this Thursday.

From 2011 Bonelli Park

Eric, rode really well Saturday too. Eric and Manny must have had their Wheaties before the ride as I was struggling to keep up with them. They did some strong pulls up the various fire roads and single track. Eric was pretty aggressive on the descents as well. Eric and Manny, I am taking notes for this Thursday!

From 2011 Bonelli Park

Antonio showed us some new single track. This single track is located near the 10 FWY. It was a fun little trail that eventually connected us to the main fire road at the south end of the park.

From 2011 Bonelli Park

Eric and Kyle bombing down the trail!

From 2011 Bonelli Park

It was hot! Antonio opted to ride semi shirtless. I only brought one SMALL water bottle and had to fill up numerous times throughout the ride. Thankfully there are a lot of water fountains in the park.

From 2011 Bonelli Park

Here is Kyle riding up the last hill before the rock gardens. Kyle, great job! Below is Brian throwing up a wheelie on our last climb of the day!

From 2011 Bonelli Park


stugi79 said...

Good Luck! Hopefully it will cool down this week!

GMR said...

Stunning photo of Bonelli. The ride through the dry brush looks like great fun. Hope the tires don't pick up thorns. Cyclecross. Another kind of happy?

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