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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mountain Biking at Bonelli Park

Today Antonio, Eric, Carl, Manny and I rode mountain bikes around Bonelli Park. The weather was great, slightly damp and cool in the morning.

I call Antonio a Mountain Goat. He climbs with the greatest of easy. He stomped out the competition at the Knobby Tire races 1 thru 3. He missed race 4 and for race 5, he moves up a class. I really enjoy riding with Antonio. He's got a great attitude, is humble and best of all is faster than me. I get to chase him up and down the mountain with hopes of getting faster.

Carl was out riding today. He's been riding consistently every weekend and a few week days whenever possible. Last time around he was really hurting on our ride. This time he felt much better. Redemption!

I met Eric from Upland at the Knobby Tire Race #4. We corresponded via my blog and we decided on riding Bonelli Park in preparation for the Knobby Tire Race #5. Eric took 3rd place two weeks ago and today he rode strong. I better watch out for him this coming week.

Eric rides a FS Giant Anthem. He let me take it for a quick spin. I really liked the feel. The rear end tracked nicely without any pedal bob. Handling seemed quick and snappy.

I met Manny thru my wife. He sent me an email a few days ago wanting to go riding. Manny is a strong rider and did great despite not riding mountain bikes for awhile. I think next time we'll have to go a little faster and a little further. I see Mt Baldy in your near future!

Man Down-
A Roadie took a bad spill on the south side of Bonelli Park. According to witnesses, "he just went down for no apparent reason." Paramedics secured him on a stretcher and took him away. He sustained cuts on his face, shoulders and legs. As the Paramedics were taking him away, he was awake, alert and talking. Unfortunately he doesn't remember how he crashed.

Bicycle Friends-
I've been riding Bonelli Park since the nineties and it wasn't until just recent, I discovered a whole network of single track. Bonelli Park is all new to me these days and I love it. We rode some really technical single track today.


Michael said...

Sounds like a good group, well rounded, range of levels. There are a whole lot of trails and dirt roads at Bonelli worth discovering. Fun day.

BicycleFriends said...

Bonelli is all new to me these days. It has so much to offer and due to its location, close to 60, 71, 10 and 210, it makes a great location for racing!

I am bummed no CX races there this year.

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