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Saturday, August 20, 2011

GMR to Mt Baldy Before the Sunrise

From BicycleFriends.com

Before the sun was up ...

Michael and I headed west on Baseline Rd, our early morning destination was Glendora Mountain Road to Mt. Baldy village. We were out before the sun was up, the weather was cool with a slight dampness in the air. Our goal, was to be home before 9:30 am. To do this we left my house in Pomona by 5:55 am.

By 6:30 am we had made it to GMR and Sierra Madre. We were right on target. On the way up, I was quickly dropped by Michael. From about a half mile past the gate and until the Maintenance Shed, my ride was made in solitude. Like I said, Michael was feeling strong and dropped me early.

It was a quiet ride with very few cyclists, hikers, and runners out this early in the day. The Street Luge Crew was out early. A smart choice for them. Get there before GMR becomes crowded with "Everyone" else.

Still on target, I made it to the Maintenance Shed by 7:30 am. At this point the sun was up, and as I looked down the mountain, the marine layer was slowly creeping back down and away from the mountain.

8:30 am, we made into Mt Baldy Village and it was a very fast descent down Mt Baldy Road to Baseline. We held a quick pace down the mountain road, pedaling when we could. At this point we were "Better" than right on target and our new goal was to be home by 9:00 am.

8:59:45, I pulled into my drive way. We made it!

From BicycleFriends.com

From BicycleFriends.com

From BicycleFriends.com

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