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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Knobby Time Race 5

What a great after work race. There was a much better turn out for Knobby Time Race 5. Eric and Manny came out to race. This was Manny's first time out and he did great finishing fourth. Eric finished fifth. Matt took second in his class and I am not sure how Antonio did. Antonio did move up a class.

Stan was out selling Gear Cycle Wear Jerseys and T-Shirts. I picked up the Family Tree in large and can't wait to wear it this weekend.

I took 2nd again and am really happy with my performance. I was two seconds behind first. The guy in first place passed me on the first lap and I tried everything to keep him in my sights. I kept asking myself how bad I want first place? I wanted a first place finish really bad and this helped me push to keep him in sight.

Joseph took 3rd, and while I was locked on the guy in 1st place, Joseph had his sights on catching me. I kept looking back and he was gaining on me. I new if I wanted to preserve my 2nd place, I needed to get over the last climb before he caught me. I managed to keep a safe distance from him on the last climb. On the decent, I was able to create enough of a gap between me and Joseph, thus preserving my 2nd. The 1st Place Trophy alludes me still, but I am motivated.

While Meme was in Palm Springs he found this Cool Shimano XTR Jersey. I decided to wear it for Knobby Time Race 5. I think it might be good luck. Thanks Meme!

See you at Knobby Time Race 6 on Thursday, September 1, 2011!

1 comment:

Eric G. said...

Hey Jason,

This picture is awesome, I remember that race, we need to do a ride to together sometime soon.


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