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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Fashionable Bicycle

Bikes are an extension of the body and rightfully so a reflection of oneself, and this could not have been more evident at last months CicLAVia.  At CicLAVia, I saw colorfully bikes, bikes all blinged out, bikes that were very utilitarian, BMX bikes, fixies, mountain bikes and road bikes and all a reflection of the riders personality.  And of course, I was riding a GREEN Tall Bike.  What does that say about me?

Kevin sent this article to me from the LA Times about Bicycling and High Fashion.

"Bicycles are going couture.

Ralph Lauren, Missoni and Kate Spade, better known for fashionable clothing, are now taking up a new product line, designer bicycles — and they are selling fast.

Three-speed bicycles with the trademark zig-zag and striped patterns of Italian fashion house Missoni nearly sold out the day of their introduction at Target this month, and only a few are still available in scattered stores.

The two-wheelers, which cost $399, got a jump-start from a covetous celebrity tweet by actress Jessica Alba. One version — with a distinct copper-color pattern — sold out the first day and has resold for as much as $1,279.95 on EBay."

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Chris said...

For me, practicality will always win out over everything else. I know there is a certain practicality in an old dutch bike, with the internal hub in the back, but they're honestly a real pain to deal with if you ever get a flat - esp. a rear flat. I recently upgraded on my bike, I got a new kind of bicycle quick release, which has made this kind of thing a snap.

BicycleFriends said...

Wow, I like that Quick Release thingy. Thanks for sharing. I prefer practicality and am thinking my next bike build will be very utilitarian.

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