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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Science and Technology - Wireless Brakes

When I got back into cycling, and was ready to buy a new bike, I was amazed at the technological advances in the bike industry.  Disc brakes, full suspension, carbon everything, trail bikes, all mountain, 29er's, electronic shifting and 11 speeds the list goes on.

And now Scientist are working on wireless brakes.  What's next?

"Computer scientists at Germany’s Saarland University have worked long and hard to rid your bike of that pesky one foot of brake cable which used to curve, short and graceful, down to the front wheel. Instead of a simple system of super-reliable levers and cables, the Saarland team uses a wireless transmitter to brake the bike.

The wireless brake consists of a transmitting hand grip and a motorized disk-brake caliper. Squeeze the grip and the brakes are actuated according to a radio signal. Squeeze harder and you brake harder — as long as your batteries are charged. Just watch out for pranksters with RF transmitters who trigger your brakes from afar" ... READ More Click Here

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