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Sunday, November 6, 2011

MT SAC Fat Tire Classic

A year ago, I decided to start mountain bike racing.  My first race was the MT SAC Fat Tire Classic.  This year and, this race, marks my one year anniversary. 

By the time I loaded up my car it was pouring rain.  When I pulled into MT SAC's parking lot, it was still pouring rain.  I looked around and only the Hardcore Race Junkies were present and suiting up.

I registered, thus committing myself to racing.  It never stopped raining and the promoters decided to shorten the course and cut one lap from each class. 

At 10 am, racers were staged.  The first wave to go were the pros/experts.  My wave was next and we could see the pros/experts were already "Hike A Biking" up the first climb.  This is NOT a good sign. 

My wave was off and by the first climb it was all about the "Hike A Bike".  The course was so muddy we were either slipping and sliding or pulling mud from our brake bridges.  At one point, I was sure I was going to slide right into some barbed wire, OUCH!

I think I "Hike A Biked" 3/4th of the race course.  I finished lap one and headed for lap two.  By the first climb I was walking again.  At the first chance to exit the course I did, walked up to the officials and motioned done with my right hand.  DNF, the course was just to muddy and I wasn't interested in "Hike A Biking" anymore.

I cleaned up as best as I could and shot a few pictures.  All the Pictures are Located Here ...


Michael said...

Love that last photo - thats a lot of mud.

Anonymous said...


BicycleFriends said...

@ Anonymous - Pretty Funny!

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