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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Golden Saddle Cyclery - Velo Swap Meet

Today, I rounded up two of the three kids and Great Grandma and headed down to LA.  Golden Saddle Cyclery was having a Velo Swap Meet.

I was really surprised by the quality of bikes, frames and components for sale at the swap meet.  There was so much inventory and deals were a plenty.  I spotted a beautiful Serotta Track Frame I wanted but it was a 56cm.  It even caught my daughters attention as she kept touching it.

Golden Saddle Cyclery is located just of Sunset Blvd.  There was a good turnout, parking was really hard to find.

Bikes were everywhere.  Most of the bikes were either single speeds or fixed gears.
There was a lot going on at GSC.  Look its Sean from takeoverlosangeles.com

Wheels, handlebars, rims all kinds of components in this back alley.

Standing room only, you had to keep moving or you'd get run over.  There was tons of people in such a small place.

Go ahead and wrap this up for me please

Nice Bontrager.

I think the Curtlo was just my size.  This is the first Landshark I've seen in person.  Nice.

Meme loves GT's, he would have been all over this one.  Meme, it really was a sweet GT Track Bike. 

Bikes a Plenty

Bike Valet?

I want this Colnago.

A mass of riders leaving Golden Saddle Cyclery.  Hey were are you going?

1 comment:

Michael said...

I really wanted to go to this, I like the looks of that blue Zeus.

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