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Sunday, November 27, 2011

To Potato with Bicycle Friends

On Saturday, Antonio, Imeh and his father, Matt and so many more decided to ride to Potato.  I started from my house and rode up Burbank, then down Marshal Canyon to meet the rest of the group at Oak Mesa Elementary School. 

We ended up getting to a late start at about 8 am.  Matt, Imeh's father and brother headed up Marshal Canyon before the rest of us.  They wanted to get a head start as catching them would be inevitable, or so we thought.  The rest of us headed up about 5 to 10 minutes later.

With bigger groups there is always a greater variance in skill sets.  The first part of Marshal Canyon was marked with frequent stops to re-group.  Finally, Antonio, Imeh and I decided to ride our own pace and catch up to his father, brother and Matt.  

We found Matt on the side of the trail.  He busted his dropout on a rock and was "jimmying" his derailer and chain to get it to at least be in rideable condition. I thought for sure Matt would opt to turn around, effectively finishing his ride.  Instead Matt decided to head up to Potato as a single speeder!  Great job!

We finally "caught" Imeh's father at Yellow Gate.  Imeh's brother decided to end his ride early and dropped down Cobal Canyon.  

Together we all made our way up to Potato.  At this point my energy was starting to wane and the last 3/4th till the top was the hardest.  


Iffiok-Obong said...

Nice write-up. We had a great time riding with you up to Potato Mountain and look forward to more rides in the future.

Also, in reviewing your posts, I found that you took a very good picture of Imeh at the Mt. SAC Fat Tire Classic. He is in picture #5 of your blog post.

Iffiok-Obong [aka Imeh's Dad]

BicycleFriends said...

Iffiok, nice finally meeting you and your family. Let me know when you guys are riding again.

MT SAC was muddy!

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