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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Two Wheel Tuesday

Warren is one tough dude!

I met up with the guys at LaVerne Brewery for the weekly Two Wheel Tuesday (2WT) ride. Demi and Jon were already there when I arrived along with Ed. Ed was new to the group so we gave him a warm 2WT welcome. Hopefully Ed comes back for more.

We had to make a small adjustment on the 2WT ride because Walnut Ave is closed below Bonita Ave due to construction for the Gold Line extension. Instead of riding up Cannon Ave to Walnut we rode up and over Via Verde to San Dimas Ave. From San Dimas Ave we headed to Foothill then resumed our regular route. Our normal route from Cannon to Walnut will be closed for a while.

From Baseline to Mills it was business as usual. We kept the pace manageable except from Baseline to Live Oak where Jon surged past all of us. I chased him, then about a 100 ft from Live Oak, Mike F comes sailing past us. Mike thought he had the win but I think Jon caught back up at the very top of Live Oak.

Warren lead us up Mills and I was thinking to myself let's see how this goes once we get to Padua. With Warren pulling us on Mills there is no way he is going to be the first to the top of Padua. Someone else is surely sitting in right now with the intention to overtake Warren at Padua. Who could that be? It could be me, Jose, Jon, Mike or anyone else having a good day ... Hmmmm. We made a left on Via Padova to Padua Theater, and Warren still at the head of the group surges up the road. I tried to follow but it took a lot out of me because that first part of Via Padova is steep. I faded back and now its Jose and Mike's turn. They kept going and soon they all had passed me. Mike and Jose continued to chase down Warren but in the end Warren was victorious. It's pretty damn impressive that Warren pulled us all up Mills and then continued to take Padua. Warren is a beast!

Location Day Time Pace
LaVerne Brewery Every Tuesday 6:30 pm Moderately Fast

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