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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Beach Century

Ricardo R is back!

On Thursday Ricardo and I decided to ride from Euro Cafe to the beach and back. This was my first ride with Ricardo since he got back from his month long stay in Mexico. It was nice riding with him again as he is always up for adventures of the +100 mile sorts. Since he's been back, about 10 days, this is his fourth century. Ricardo is booking big miles to get himself up to speed. In Mexico he spent more leisure time than time on the bicycle. I can't blame him, I'd probably spend most of my time eating, eating and more eating.

We started from Euro Cafe at 6:30 am and headed down to SART. Once on PCH I was lucky enough to get yet another flat. Actually, two flat tires. I am so on a roll this week. We patched the flats and headed to our favorite rest stop, The Crema Cafe in Seal Beach. Crema has the best chorizo burrito, you know healthy food to fuel the body for the ride back home.

After leaving Crema we jumped on SGVT. We kept a pretty consistent pace and stopped at Pico Rivera Golf Course to grap gatorade and ice. It was about 11:30 am and the day's temps were warming up as we made our way on SGVT to Ramona Blvd. I am glad we stopped at the golf course. Sometimes we just continue on SGVT without stopping and by the time we hit San Dimas I am tired. Stopping at the golf course helped keep me feeling good on for the last several miles home.

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