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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Subdued Bud's Ride

Fun ride but the Bud's was slightly off last night.

I met up with the group at Starbucks in Downtown Claremont. Waiting were the usual suspects; Demi, Mike, Dianna, Greg, Patrick oh the list goes on. SC Velo kits were everywhere as people waited for Patrick to officially get us rolling. Let's roll. We headed west on Bonita at what seemed like a slower than usual pace. At one point Mike and Monte picked up the pace a little and was called back by Patrick. Fairplex Drive, Via Verde into the park, up and over to Raging Waters Drive we carried a moderate pace. Nothing to fast or crazy and at one point I thought about "going long".

I decided against going long because I figured these guys were going to attack just outside the park and then it would be a painful three laps. I told myself, if I felt good I'd go long on the final lap around the park. A number of us cut through Raging Waters Drive to the dam and waited just outside Raging Waters at the apex of Pudding Stone Drive. We waited and waited, then a few riders came up and over past us. We continued to wait for the main group when about 10 riders came up and over a few minutes after the first few riders. One of the guys said there was a crash on San Dimas Ave. From what I gather there was debris on the road, someone swerved to avoid it and potential half wheeling on a fast descent. That makes a perfect recipe for a crash.

After hearing about the crash it definitely changed the vibe of the ride. We were all thinking about who when down, are they okay, etc. The crash splintered the group and slowed the pace. The group I was in continued their laps around the park as other riders would either speed past us or join our group. We completed our three laps then headed back to downtown Claremont.

Hopefully those involved in the crash are okay. I hate when riders go down and I am always interested in the details that led to the crash.

Location Day Time Pace
Starbuck Claremont, CA Wednesday 5:30 pm Fast

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