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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Wednesday Bud's Ride

That was a hustle

I can't remember the last time I did the Wednesday Bud's ride. I forgot how painfully fast Bud's is. That's a good thing because gone are the memories of trying to hold a wheel at an insane pace. I forgot how the pace never eases up on Puddingstone Drive and how the speed seems to intensify as we make our way to Brackett Field. Oh and that second and third time around the park when we enter from Via Verde, no one slows down. Somehow you have to keep it together for the hill and through the guard shack. After entering the park you hit a short downhill section. Keep pedaling and grab a wheel on the descent or you will get dropped. I forgot how important it is to keep your momentum through the rollers on the south side of the park in preparation for the climb out of Bonelli onto San Dimas Ave (or enough momentum to take you just outside the park for that right hand turn to the dam).

I haven't done the Bud's ride in years and I am glad. That was enough time to replace the pain and suffering with more nostalgic memories. Memories of giving it your best, hustling in and around the park, tucking in and holding your line, and that relaxed ride back to Starbuck among friends. I had a great time last night and look forward to doing it again.

Location Day Time Pace
Starbucks in Claremont Every Wednesday 5:15 pm Painfully Fast

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