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Monday, June 28, 2021

Beach Century

Hot Hot Hot

Well it wasn't hot at 5:30 am when Stew and I left for the ride. We made our way to DB and then to dreaded Brea Canyon. Brea Canyon scares me because of the car traffic that comes through right at the time I usually make my way down the canyon. Today Stew and I got lucky. The 57 frwy was running smoothly so most cars used the 57 instead of Brea Canyon to get to Orange County. Once on SART, we kept a steady pace and made it to Newport in good time. At Seal Beach we took a very small break then headed back home via SGVT.

The temperature started heading up with each mile back to the foothills. Once on Badillo, Stew's Garmin recorded a temp around 93 degrees. Yeah, it's getting hot and by Bonita the temperature was approx. 100 degrees. We stopped at the Ace Hardware in San Dimas to get cold water and rest up before the last several miles home. Overall it was a great ride, just hot.

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