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Monday, June 14, 2021

Monday Crazy Legs

Hot Hot Hot

Boy was today's Crazy Legs ride hot. At one point Monte's Garmin said the temperature as 90 degrees. With the higher temps, I left the house around 6:15 am to get some extra credit miles before Crazy Legs. That was a goods idea. At CL today Jose and Carl showed up for the ride. I haven't seen Carl on this ride since forever and Jose is just a cool dude to ride with. Monte was at the ride despite doing two races on Sunday. Monte is a beast. Liz also showed up today to my surprise. Yesterday she rode to Crystal Lake. I guessed she'd take today off but again, I was wrong. Balmore rode in from Fontana and is slowly closing the YTD gap between me and him. He will definitely overtake me in terms of annual miles. Jennifer and Frank also made it out today. As usual Frank, Monte and Balmore kept the pace lively.

Location Day Time Pace
Euro Cafe Every Monday 8:15 am Generally moderate

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