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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Montrose 8 am

If I don't listen to Tai I'll be okay

Okay, so I planned this week's rides around Montrose. After last weeks fiasco (I got dropped), I wanted to make sure I had enough legs to hang with the 8:00 am group. I rode Monday to Thursday and purposely left Friday off so my legs could recover for the Montrose Showdown. Is it a showdown if no one knows I am racing on a "friendly group ride"? Truthfully there is nothing too friendly about Montrose. You want in, NOPE, you got a flat, TO BAD. You're tired, OH WELL. Of course people know each other but it's just a different type of group ride.

Last week just riding out with the group to Montrose was a struggle, today not so much. I felt good and there was a number of people riding out to rotate pulls on the front. Mike O and Manny (from Two Hubs Cycling Boutique) did most of the work up front but I helped a little as well. We made it to the meet up destination with about 10 minutes to spare so of course we all used the bathroom and then took a group photo. The take a leak then group photo is important. I just hope my bicycle friends washed their hands before putting them on my shoulder for a photo.

Once Montrose got underway the pace was fine. We had a lot of red lights this time and no one surged too hard at the green. The group itself was massive. The sunrise comes earlier as we head into the summer and along with it brings much warmer temperatures. It's easier to get out of bed when its not freezing cold in the morning. Hey, at this point, I sleep on top of the comforter because its so damn hot at night. So the group was massive, I swear it's time to bring back the 8:30 am group. The further you are from the front the more pronounced yoyo effects, sudden stops, and general chaos are felt. Of course with 100s of riders on the road at once, we bleed into multiple lanes and frustrate vehicles.

I tried to stay "closer" to the front. Maybe the front half of the group but definitely not ON THE FRONT. When I passed Tai he yelled to, "get up there," but this time I ignored his advice. Not this time! No need to blow up before the Kitchen Sink. The group's pace was tame and I made it over to San Dimas Ave. without totally killing myself. The Kitchen Sink is generally painful but this time it was manageable. After San Dimas Ave. my ride is done and I head home. Another good day on the bike without flats.

Location Day Time Pace
Trader Joes So. Pasadena Every Saturday 8:00 am 20 to 30 mph

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