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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Two Wheel Tuesday

Well that was a hot ride

Yesterday I went to the beach in the morning with the family. Instead of my usual morning ride with Michael, I decided on meeting up with Demi and Warren for the Two Wheel Tuesday ride (2WT). I have to give a big thumbs up to them for keeping 2WT alive through this past year. The evening was hot, my guess is it was in the 90s. To the west there was smoke in the air. I think someone said it was coming from Sante Fe Dam.

As we made our way around Bonelli you could feel the heat. When we stopped to regroup your body didn't have time to cool down. We all sweated as we waited. Starting back up again was nice once the sweat evaporated off our skin. The cooling from the evaporation lasted only a few minutes until Jose or Warren decided to step up the pace and then it was back to a hot dry hustle. At Cannon, Jon surged and forced Warren and Rico to chase. Jon barely got the win. On Baseline, Jose kept the pace up. I was hoping for some reprieve on Baseline. Come on man, give me a break! On Mills Jon was back at it again. Jose was working to close the gap made by Jon. It was a struggle then Warren helped out to bridge to Jon. Once we made the right turn onto Mt. Baldy I was cooked. On Padua, I backed off as everyone seemed to speed up, good bye!

Location Day Time Pace
LaVerne Brewery Every Tuesday 6:30 pm Lively

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