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Monday, June 7, 2021

Monday Crazy Legs

Monday Morning Crazy Legs with the Psycho-List

So the plan was to head out early and get some extra miles before the start of Monday mornings ride. Unfortunately I went to bed later than usual (way past 8 pm!) and slept in until about 5:30 am. This messed me up because I planned to leave the house around 6:30 am and head east to Fontana before coming back to Euro Cafe for Crazy Legs. 5:30 am to 6:30 am (1 hour) just isn't enough time for me to get ready. I need at least two hours. The first hour is just to drink my cup of coffee slowly and in perfect silence. Then I need to play around on the internet, FB, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Finally I need to eat then prepare for the ride. One hour isn't enough for proper "me" time.

So I finally get out of the house but its past 7:30 am. My daughter needed to be dropped off to work. I head to Euro Cafe and had just enough time to ride up to the end of Mills. At Euro we had Barry, Michael, Jennifer, Liz, Beth, and Warren ready to go. We headed out and soon after Stew caught our wheel. It was nice seeing Stew, he's been busy but it's summer now so hopefully I can convince him to do weekly centuries with me.

Overall the ride was great. There were definitely more cars on the road. Once the ride was done I rode back towards Fontana with Stew until Hellman. Along the way there was another rider heading in our general direction. This guy liked to blow through every red light. It's was a bit unnerving and yet comical. Here's some older guy totally disregarding the lights and his own personal safety to save a few minutes or not lose his momentum or whatever. It was crazy. I'd expect this behavior from some fixie fool, not an old man.

Around Hellman, I turned off on the Pacific Electric Trail (PET) and headed back to Pomona. On PET I crossed paths with Ricardo and Larry. Ricardo has been off the bike for about a month or so on vacation. We talked for a while. Ricardo likes 100+ mile rides so it looks like I am doing a century in the near future. Around Indian Hill I flatted. $%^*!, this is my second flat in two days! I guess when you're hot, you're hot!

I patched my tire and headed home. Good times, even the stupid flat wasn't bad considering it was at the end of my ride.

Ride Name Location Day Time Distance Pace
Crazy Legs Euro Cafe/Claremont Every Monday 8:15 am Apprx 25 miles Moderate 15 - 18 mph

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