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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Los Perrones

These dogs can move!

Last night Richard O sent me a text asking if I planned to ride this Sunday. I wasn't sure and asked him what his plans were. He mentioned GMR or "Los Perrones" beach ride. Los Perrones is the Sunday version of the Tuesday Los Lobos ride. Same route, its a beach and back from Green River in Corona to Newport. I knew I needed 60 miles so the Los Perrones ride would work for me except, on Saturday, I was pretty tired all day. I didn't know if I'd feel up for a very fast hustle to the beach. You see the guys that do both the Los Lobos and Los Perrones ride are brutal. They take no prisoners and it's a fast ride on SART all the way to Newport. Since it's on SART, there aren't stop signs or red lights to give you a break. You can't stop to catch your breath and the Lobos/Perrones keep the formation tight on the SART. Everyone takes a pull and everyone is riding fast. I am a sucker to punishment, so Los Perrones it is.

It's funny when you join an established ride with a lot of regulars. As the newbie you are kind of vulnerable. How fast are these guys? Are they going to play nice or try to drop you? On the flip side if you are part of the established group you think, who is this guy joining us. You check out the person's bike and make conclusions about how fit or "PRO" they look. It happens and I've been on both sides. This time I was the newbie.

At the start the guys were pretty nice. A few of them came up to me to say hello and joke about who's the slowest or how tired they are. I did the same, actually I did in this blog just above. I take note of the ones who say they aren't very fast. Yeah, I thought they were downplaying their athleticism and for the most part they were. This ride is one of the most orderly rides I've been on. Tight formations, high speeds and everyone takes a pull. SART isn't that wide so the group has to focus on order for their own safety. This group gets an "A+".

Location Day Time Pace
Park Here Sunday 7:00 am 20 - 25 mph

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